Welcome to the Weather Zone Project!

The Thorn Berry Personal Weather Station – Birmingham, Alabama was launched on Saturday, January 24, 2009. The station is powered by a La Crosse Technology WS-2317.



Station Information

Latitude / Longitude: N 33 ° 23 ‘ 43 ”, W 86 ° 43 ‘ 14 ”
Elevation: 547 ft

City: Birmingham
State: AL

Hardware: La Crosse WS-2317
Software: WUHU21623XXSP

Station Technology

la2317The La Crosse Technology WS-2317 Professional Weather Station is a high quality weather system able to read, process and display data from three outdoor sensors either through connected wire or by wireless 433MHz frequency signal. All the weather information is displayed on the large user-friendly LCD for up to the minute weather. An included PC interface also allows you to track the information through your computer.